About Us

We are a decade old Investment Management firm helping clients to plan and design their personal finance portfolio and generate wealth over different phases of life. We engage in discussion with the clients and their family to design financial plan which covers their ambitious life goals. These goals are then matched with future cash flows and an investment plan is carved out which suits client’s risk profile and behavioural pattern. Lot of emphasis is placed on clients’ education, psychology and their behaviour pattern as these factors play major role in success of a financial plan. We thrive to ‘make retirement a choice rather than compulsion' through meticulous planning and seamless execution.

As a part of our social responsibility initiative, we do conduct financial awareness programs with groups, social gatherings, corporate and government institutions. These sessions cover topic such as

1. Financial Planning

2. Insights aboutInvestment Instruments

3. Effective Tax Planning

4. Drafting Will

and much more...

What we do

There are different class of assets available for investments. Neither all of them perform well at all times, nor they have tendency to remain rational at all times. Market forces and mass human psychology pulls them to high zones or pushes them to depressed levels which is not linked to its intrinsic value. As an investor, our duty is to remain unbiased and benefit from irrationality shown by market forces. Idea is to buy assets when its prices are low, ride the cyclical / structural wave and sell it at crazy valuations. Such waves can be seen in all the assets be it equities, bonds, gold or real estate. To make above-average returns, we have to get our home-work right, counter act these psychological / behavioural / market forces and stay invested for longer period to see it play-out well.