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How can Samarth Capital help you create wealth, preserve, and distribute it?

The journey of wealth creation is a marathon, not a sprint.
It requires careful planning, strategic investing, and a keen understanding of your financial goals.
At Samarth Capital, we believe in catering to both domestic investors, NRI services in India as well as FPI services in India.
We offer a comprehensive suite of financial planning and investment services designed to help you create wealth, preserve it, and distribute it effectively.

Financial Planning: The Seed of Wealth Creation

Financial planning is the seed from which the tree of wealth grows. It begins with understanding your personal goals and requirements.
Whether you’re planning to renovate your home, buy a car, or saving for your child’s upcoming marriage, we offer tailored solutions to meet your needs.
Our expertise in products like mutual funds, stocks, insurance, fixed deposits and bonds ensures that your financial plan is robust and capable of withstanding the market volatility.

Investment Solutions for Every Stage

As stated earlier, we offer a range of investment products to cater to your specific needs and risk tolerance whether you require money in the coming month or saving it for the years to come.
Contingency Fund: We recommend secure and easily accessible options like money market funds to ensure you're prepared for unexpected events.
Short-Term Needs: Short-term debt funds provide liquidity while offering potentially higher returns compared to savings accounts.
Medium-Term Goals: Hybrid funds can be a good fit for your medium-term needs, offering a balanced approach between growth potential and income generation.
Long-Term Aspirations: Stocks and mutual funds offer the potential for significant capital appreciation over the long term, ideal for retirement planning or other distant goals.
Building Long-Term Wealth: For those with a high-risk tolerance and a very long-term investment horizon, private equity can be a path to substantial returns.

Other services that we offer

Will Planning for Future Generations: We often delay planning a will thinking that we are not going to die soon. But life poses uncertainties, and we can assist you in planning the distribution of your wealth according to your wishes, ensuring your loved ones are financially secure.
Tax-efficient Strategies: Our team guides you on tax-efficient investment strategies like investment in mutual funds like ELSS to minimize tax liabilities while distributing your wealth.

Your Partner in Financial Growth

At Samarth Capital, we take pride in providing comprehensive investment services to NRIs and FPIs. Our expertise extends to facilitating the sale of FDI shares on the stock exchange and remitting the proceeds to overseas bank accounts, ensuring a seamless experience for our international clients.
Embark on your journey of wealth creation, preservation, and distribution with Samarth Capital - your partner in planting the seeds of prosperity today for a bountiful harvest tomorrow.